Smoke and Shadows


With only days following the massacre at Uernach, terrible news has spread throughout Valthlamar. The outer villages have grown fearful not only at the unprovoked attack from the mountains of Ierchar, but at the loss of the once great leader Thomas Montgomery.

Vincent (the Prepared) Montgomery returns to the province capital Uethad, enraged at the loss of his brother Thomas. He immediately makes a request to the city council requesting a warband to investigate the matter. The council is eager to know more of the growing concern, but they are weary of Vincent’s motive for vengeance. They agree to his request, but under the pretense that the Jech’aj’Avalnir accompany him in this matter.

Meanwhile, the Ierchari leader, Echlav, has grown frustrated with the news. Although satisfied with the growing fear within the Valthlamar kingdom, the death of such a high profile leader will no doubt draw unwanted attention.

Echlav must be quick to quell any potential threats on the horizon.

Encounter at Afuthel

Thanks to the ultimate sacrifice made by Thomas Montgomery and his fellow companions, many of the villagers had survived the battle of Uernach. And as such, were able to provide much information regarding recent activities within the Iomatori foothills.

Vincent and the accompanying Jech’aj’Avalnir, or Jech as they’re known to many, return to the bloodied fields of Uernach. They examine the area where the villagers believed the Ierchari to have come from. And as they approach, they find a path of broken branches and disturbed brush—no doubt the result of the large serpents the villagers had spoken of and of which Vincent himself heard as his brother helped to defend the front line.

Following the path, they traverse the Iomatori foothills for days until they finally hear the sounds of monstrosities in the distance. They continue onward and as they get closer, can make out what appears to be an ancient fort. They grow weary at first with the prospect of a fortified position, but upon closer inspection, they see time has taken its toll. Many of the outer walls have fallen; even the inner structures appear ragged and unkept.

As they approach the outer walls, they break from their formation. Vincent and his Jech counterpart, Refil, approach quietly with just a few men. As they expected, they find the Ierchari in the distance moving about. At the northern gate, however, they notice two mysterious figures unlike the others. They too, appear to have just arrived.

Vincent eyes the two figures–dressed in long black robes, their faces enshrouded in darkness. He’s uncertain of what they are, but their intentions are clear. Something was going on here and they’ve just arrived to clean it up.

Vincent signals to Refil to come closer. Refil nods, and moves quietly, placing his hand on the wall in front. Vincent motions towards the two figures and begins to speak, but the wall now supporting Refil is too old; it collapses forward.

The sound is unmistakable. The entire Ierchari army looks over in excitement. The two robed figures in the north snarl at the clumsy humans, pointing with their disfigured fingers, and as they do, their fellow Ierchari move in for the attack.

A Valthlamari Defeat

The battle that ensued was a gruesome affair. Vincent and his men though outnumbered, saw opportunity in their position. They charged at the Ierchari in an honorable attempt for first strike, but was met still with fierce opposition. They held strong as best they could until Vincent was forced from the battlefield.

In his final swing, Vincent had knocked one the Ierchari riders from his horse, but as he fell, both Vincent and rider became entangled in the reins. The horse, terrified by the battle, rode off towards the western foothills dragging with it both Vincent and the unfortunate rider.

Meanwhile, the remaining Valthlamari forces pushed forward while the Ierchari pushed back. Arrows rained overhead; the mighty Pigeons of Rathganar flew in from the skies terrorizing the Iercharin monstrosities. The Jech, fighting hard against the unbeatable odds, watched from the distance as enraged orcs transformed into rats. It was a strange sight that would no doubt prove to be an important observation for the council.

In the end, many had lost their lives, but those that survived, took with them information that could yet prove useful.

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